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"Professor Raymond is funny and knows his stuff. His love of good writing is contagious. . . He manages to convey tidbits from his knowledge of the classics without being at all snooty. The presentation is fast-paced, witty, and full of specific helpful advice. His course is unlike any other legal writing training I have ever received."

"Prof. Raymond was great . . . He had a great manner - a way of conveying very useful information with just the right amount of humor and just the right amount of memorable war stories. . . ."

"Prof. Raymond treated audience like colleagues, which was nice and added to comfort level. No shame in needing to concentrate on writing skills--even the most experienced people need to do so. That was the sentiment conveyed, and it was helpful. "

"[Prof. Raymond] was a very good lecturer with impressive grasp of the challenges lawyers face in trying to write clearly and persuasively. He also incorporated many of the audience's comments effortlessly into his presentation. "

"I enjoyed Professor Raymond's wit and style. I particularly enjoyed the advanced persuasion lecture."

"I've attended several seminars on judgment writing by Prof. Raymond. They were the best seminars on any topic of the many I have attended. I was persuaded not only that judgments could be well written, but should be. The courses clearly established the benefits of good writing. And they taught us how to make a start."

  • "Excellent presentation - clear, practical, focused"
  • "Another terrific presentation"
  • "A '10'"
  • "A 10 plus"
  • "well delivered"
  • "Excellent session and wonderful speaker"
  • "Trial counsel are rarely given advice on written advocacy, but it forms more and more of our work - thanks"
  • "It will be of great assistance in daily advocacy"
  • "Extremely useful"
  • "Excellent choice for a topic"

"James Raymond's opening and closing sessions anchor our four day courses, and are critical to their success. He excels also with small groups. He prepares meticulously, speaks easily but with authority, and his ideas are always fresh and stimulating.

"He is a delightful and constructive man."